Released: March 1991 Published by: Renegade

Platforms: Atari ST, Amiga, IBM PC, Arcorn Archimedes, Sega Genesis (MegaDrive), SNES

Credits: Eric Matthews (Design), Steve Tall (Design,Code), Mark Coleman (Graphics), Richard Joseph (Sound), Mike Montgomery (additional Code), Nation XII (Music), Simon Bisley (Box Picture)
Sega Conversion: Gary J. Foreman, Jason Page (Sound), John Foxx (Music), Phillip Williams (additional Graphics) Archimedes Conversion: Richard Walker Nintendo Conversion: Bob Trevellyan, David Whittaker (Sound Conversion)
Description: With GODS the Bitmap Brothers strengthened their reputation as a developer of excellent games with thought-out and typical design which they had already achieved with games like Xenon (2), Speedball (2) and Cadaver. The game was released in 1991 for the Amiga and the Atari ST, as well as for the IBM PC and the Acorn Archimedes. In 1992 conversions of GODS appeared for the game consoles of Sega (MegaDrive / Genesis) and Nintendo (SNES). The game itself is more a platform adventure than just a Jump'n Run and altogether there are 12 sections (4 Levels of 3 worlds) of unveiling the secrets of an ancient city, with puzzles to be solved and hordes of evil inhabitants to be destroyed.

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Atari ST

Highscore Challenge

When Gods was released for the Amiga/ST in 1991, it was instantly regarded as one of the most polished platform games around, and one of the Bitmap Brothers finest games. Set in Greece over four levels, (each consisting of up to three 'worlds') the player takes control of a warrior capable of jumping, throwing weapons climbing ladders and picking up and carrying items to aid him in his quest for immortality, a reward from the gods should he succeed. Typically an item or items are required to be carried from point A to point B, eventually resulting in the reward of the world key and access to the next world. Sounds simple? Gods is anything but a simple platform game.

Firstly finding the required items isn't always easy, some head scratching moments are usually in order before the solution presents itself. Secondly, the numerous levels in Gods are inhabited by all sorts of weird and wonderful monsters. These are not dumb clones either. The Gods monsters are blessed with some of the most sophisticated A.I anyone had seen in 1991. They can even dodge your attacks and figure out a better strategy for attacking you, (very impressive) this intelligence can be turned to your advantage though. As if that wasn't enough already, the game itself also monitors your progress and alters the difficulty level accordingly to suit your skills.

Complete a world convincingly with plenty of lives and energy, and the chances are that you wont find it quite so easy on the next world. The graphics are also truly wonderful. The main character is represented by a muscle-bound hero who is very well animated and moves responsively. The monsters are also very well designed and are beautifully realised, ranging from strange ape like creatures who walk on their hands, to flying fiends who defy classification! Backgrounds are typically ancient Greek looking in design suiting the theme of the game perfectly and are always gorgeous.

Sound effects are also used brilliantly in Gods. Platforms slamming shut in the distance, (as a result of a lever) grinding traps, screaming monsters, creaking doors and the swoosh of weapons as they fly through the air towards their victims are all just some of the aural treats to be experienced. There is no in game music, but there is an excellent intro tune that you will return to listen to again and again.

Gods is the sort of game that you will return to over and over to discover the hidden features and areas (of which there are plenty) or maybe just to beat an old highscore. A true classic among platform games that will be enjoyed by anyone with even the slightest interest in the genre. This game is simply one of the Bitmap Brothers greatest ever, and is not to be missed.
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posted on 01 Oct 2010, 10:55 by charliestumpy
I agree that my favourite games apart from PC Indiana Jones-5 Monkey Islands ones

were most of the Bitmaps ones on Amiga, esp. Cadaver(s)-Gods.

posted on 08 Jun 2010, 10:26 by Javier And my borther jorge from spain
(iīm spanish sorry for the falt) When i was 12 years i pass from spectrum to amiga 500. It was wonderfull, magic... for the all the games of that years the best was Gods, also we like a lot Xenon 2 and chaos engine. Bitmap Brothers was the best company for us. Actually we got Ps3 And Xbox360, but we donīt forget that years, 2d arcade like gods, (Black tiger, ghost and ghouls, risky woods, wolf child), are better than a lot a actully and powerfull games... i hope than companys create more remakes and new games like the actuallys 2d game, Trine, Bionic rearmed, Another World 15° Anniversario... I have 35 years... if yo live that years of 2d games my e-mail is Javier_romer@hotmail.com... see yoy

posted on 29 Nov 2009, 05:14 by Richie Cunningham
Andrea, that's the way the game is supposed to be. Because the codes were randomly generated for each player, the Bitmaps removed the vowels so that no words (naughty or otherwise) could be formed by accident with their code generating system.