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On this Help Page for Magic Pockets we've included two documents from other Fans of the game:

The Magic Pockets Help File

I've found this text included in Jeff's Magic Pockets WHDLoad Package and made it ready for the web, mainly by just adding some of the cute Magic Pockes artwork I've ripped over the time for use on a dedicated shrine. Aside from this I've added some small bits of information here and there but the credits must go to the original author's dELTA tX & J.F. Fabre.

A guide on 'How to find (use) the secret World Warps'

This Guide was submitted by Cunningham as Visitors Comment, however we found that it fits perfectly in this Help Page, so we moved his text from the comment data file to this page.


Here's a comprehensive collection of hints and tips I have gathered and noted over time. Hope they will be of some use to you, and if you know anything I don't, PLEASE don't hesitate to mail me... enjoy!

- dELTA tX

Level Codes





01-"1053" 06-"6245" 12-"3505" 19-"8498"
02-"3425" 07-"5284" 13-"0692" 20-"4370"
03-"8282" 08-"4757" 14-"1786" 21-"3541"
04-"4476" 09-"2818" 15-"9877" 22-"2823"
05-"7766" 10-"1960" 16-"7962" 23-"1286"
RC-"1467" 11-"6331" 17-"4125" 24-"6067"
BG-"8712" 18-"2219" 25-"5139"
FT-"3123" 26-"4400"
These codes are for use with the Amiga US and the PC version. The Archimedes version has level codes too, but they may be different.

Level Guides

Here's a world by world guide, with some hints... Warps take you to the next world. There are at least 3 versions of the game. One of them is NTSC/US, and is identical to the PC version. This one only has got the password system.

On this version, level 1 is different, and original UK level 1 is now at level 3. Original UK level 3 has disappeared. The funny thing is that you can warp to world 2 from level 1 AND from level 3.

World 1
Level One (US version)

Warp: Get a teleport helmet (you just have to pick up the silver and gold stars on the way) and go to the first room. Capture nasties for a silver then a gold star to get another teleport helmet. You're warped to another room. Jump to the right, pickup silver star and then gold star. Teleport.

Level One (UK version)/ Level Three (US version):

Warp: Get a Teleport Helmet and teleport to the first Room. Now get another Teleport Helmet - but before you pick it up collect a Silver Star. Teleport to Room 2 and pick up the Golden Star there. Teleport. (Variant: no need to get a silver star before entering room 2: get the large ice cream and capture the bat to get a silver star, then pickup gold star.)

Quickest Route to Warping: Kill all nasties as usual (not capturing any) until you get to the second pair of green-blobs. (Dont kill the frogs on the above platform just yet.) Kill the first one, and capture the second. Pick up the Coin, collect the Cocktail Glass and throw a Big whirlwind to get four Coins. Capture the frog on the platform above to get a Silver Star (thanks to the Gold Coins) and continue killing everything as usual. When you reach the stack of Gold Coins with four gorillas, kill the first and capture the second to get a Gold Star. Teleport to Room 1 and collect the Milk Bottle, Gold Coins and Mask. Now, being protected by the Mask, drop down to the Gold Coins and the remaining two gorillas WITHOUT killing the gorillas. Collect the Gold Coins and break through the wall to the left. Continue going left WITHOUT killing anything, collect the Bonus's and the Silver Star. Now wait by the Bubble Gum Machine until it's safe to remove your Mask. When it is, use the machine and float up and right towards the platform at the top right. Collect the Gold Star - but be careful NOT to teleport. Drop down right and capture a nasty to get a Silver Star - go back to the Teleport Helmet and teleport to Room 2.
Collect the Bonuses and the Gold Star. Teleport.

Golden Chalice: Use the Teleport Helmet three times. In the third Room there is a Golden Chalice. Collect this and you will start each level super-powered.

World 2

Level One

Warp: Get a Teleport Helmet and teleport. Then get another Teleport Helmet but before you teleport go round killing nasties until the NEXT nasty you capture will give you a Gold Star. Now go back to the Helmet and teleport (make sure you dont kill any nasties on the way). There will be a Sweet Machine to your right and a snake and a Silver Star to your left. Jump over the snake, get the Silver Star then capture the snake to give you a Gold Star. Teleport.

Bonuses: At the start, go to left-most platform, throw a Big cloud and do a Big jump off it on to the platform above. There are some Points, a stack of Coins and a Silver Star to collect. Also, if you find a balloon in a teleport room, keep it until you find a cocktail glass. You'll then throw four balloons which turn into coins worth 5OOO points each (also available on world 4)

Level 2 (Seven): at start you may have noticed some unreachable platform (just like in level 1 but a little higher). You cannot get it now. Go your way through the level, but when you reach a upper platform with lots of ungrown plants, check for a hole in the ground. Jump there, and you get a bonus platform. You also see the platform you could not reach when you were down there. If you jump, you're too short. If you make a cloud and jump on it, and make a big jump, you reach the upper platform again, and you miss. Instead, make a cloud, jump on it but don't do the big jump but a normal jump (note: in US version this is not possible since the controls have been simplified and you don't have to pull joystick down to perform big jump, so this action is impossible UNLESS you've got a mask on (there is a protection mask on some platforms you met above). This Bros are really vicious :)

Beat the Gorilla: If you can get the gorilla to follow you to the *very* far side of the screen (recommend the left side), he will be unable to attack you leaving him vulnerable to your punches.

Bronze Chalice: ???

World 3

Level One

Warp: When you find the Diving Helmet, go back to the first pools you passedat the beginning of the level. Jump in and explore. You will find Points, a Silver Chalice and a Teleport Helmet. Use the Teleport Helmet.

Silver Chalice: See above.

World 4

There are no warps here. Teleport helmets just take you to the exit if you get 3 in a row.

Transport To Get Home: You must get a Teleport Helmet before time runs out (a Bubble will come). If you kill the nasties until you get a Silver Star, and then continue killing to try and get a Gold Star you will find that you don't have enough nasties to proceed.
This level is (I think) impossble to complete if you've got 0 points (e.g. you used the level code). You've got to optimize the points to get first a silver star, then a gold star, and for that, one of the solutions is to get a fruit drink (green glass) on the level before (level 26). You'll see a large ice cream, which awards you 5000 points and it's easier to get the gold star. Entering the level with a score multiple of 5000 helps too (e.g. 20000). You get a silver star first. Then it's a piece of cake. Once you teleported, you'll have to "race" with snowmen on bouncing balls. Very easy, lots of points to collect. You've made it.

Bonus Objects

Objects that show up on either the bottom left or right of screen are what you will receive with the next nasty you Capture. The more nasties you kill before a Capture increases the bonus you get. The first bonus's will be sweets (points). After you have cycled through all the sweets you will start getting power-ups. All sweets are shown on the bottom left of the screen, and
all power-ups on the bottom right.

Here's the list of bonus's in the order they appear.

Sweets Points Power-ups Effect


Every Silver Star collected affects what happens when a Gold Star is collected.


Extra Life.


Throw four of the last sweet you picked up.


Bottle Of Pop causes a Shower of Sweets.


Kid can use his pocket power faster.


Faster power up weapon (you can take 2)


More powerful weapon (you can take 2)


Next level, a large ice cream will appear (5000 points)


Restores all lives.


See below.




There are Special Items found in every Section. Kid uses them to help him get around.

Kid takes a piece of Bubble Gum from the machine and chews it before blowing a Big Bubble. He can now float around to higher (and) lower places.

When Kid uses the TV he's shown a small map of his immediate surroundings. The maps also displays the whereabouts of every Baddie and Sweet Thing, Special Item, Best Toy and so on.

Kid awards himself a random Points Bonus for every Cherry Drink he collects.

The Sweet Machine is only ever found in the Secret Rooms. Whenever Kid activates it, five Sweet Things are thrown out.

Using the Road Drill means that Kid cannot move for a few seconds. Any surrounding Pocket Land People each turn into a Power-Up, the type of which depends on the Baddies stregth.

Gold and Silver Stars

Collecting Gold Stars reveals a bonus, what you get depends on how many Silver Stars you have collected before.

No. of Silver Stars Bonus Description

Face Mask (Temporary Shield)

Teleport Helmet (Transport to a Secret Room)

Bitmap Shades (Turn all nasties on screen into Coins)

Bag of Nails

Gasoline (change the Pocket Power into Fire)

Laser Helmet

Spike Helmet


There three (I think) Chalices dotted around the different worlds. I have been able to find the Golden Chalice (see World One above) and the Silver Chalice (see World Three above), but unable to find a Bronze one. Presumably, it is in World Two, but I don't know for sure, there may even be a Platinum Chalice lying around in World Four. If you find any such things, please mail me.

Here's a run down of what I know about them so far...

Chalice Where Effect
Golden Chalice World One, Level One Start each level Super-Powered.
Silver Chalice World Three, Level One ???
Bronze Chalice ??? ???

Other Hints, Notes and Secret Bits

When you loose your last life keep your finger on the fire button and the game will start again with your previous score (apparently).

Every 1OO,OOO points you become Super-Powered!

It IS possible to kill the Bubble that comes and decreases your powers every so often. Fireballs, Nails, ice cubes (world 3) and snowballs (world 4) do the trick. You're awarded 5000 points if you do that.

At the end of a level you'll receive bonus's for...

Nasties killed - You'll get a BIG bonus for killing all the nasties.
Original lives - If you haven't lost more than five lives. Big bonus for notlosing any.
Helmet Bonus - Any helmets you were wearing.
Toy Bonus - Having the World Toy (from the end of the world).
Star Bonus - For any unused Silver Stars you may have.
Warp Bonus - Finding the secret World Warp.
Possibly more...

Keep an eye out for strange occurings! I saw a JellyBaby sweet I had just got from a nasty, come to life and RUN OFF!! Weird eh?

That's all folks! Hope this helps somewhat, and PLEASE mail me if you have ANY information Magic Pockets not included here, what I have is far from complete.

Thanks to Jeff Fabre for the Magic Pockets HD installer, and for the original help file he included.

- This file is comprised of things from the Aminet, stuff found by Jeff Fabre,
and mostly stuff I have found myself, all re-edited for your ease!


dELTA tX (Aug^1997)
Jeff (May 2001)
kmtkn (Dec 2002)

World Warps

However, there are hidden ways to skip from world to world very quickly once you have learned the basics for the game.


You have to enter the 1st secret room via the transport helmet (easy, as there is a silver and gold star halfway into the section). Then you must produce another transporter helmet (get one silver, then a gold star). Before you enter this secret room you must do one of two things.

Make sure your kill count is at zero (i.e. the next nasty you trap and burst will produce a silver star or a sweetie worth 100 points).

Produce and collect one silver star.

When you done either of the above, enter the secret room by picking up the transporter helmet.

In this secret room there is a gold star, a cup, a 500 point fruit and a bat. If you collected a silver star before entering this secret room (by point (b) above), simply collect the gold star to produce a transporter helmet and pick the helmet up.

Otherwise, trap the bat (he takes three large shots), burst him to reveal a silver star, collect the silver star and then the gold star to give you the transporter helmet.


Again, you need to get the second secret room by means of the transporter helemts.

In here, there is a sweetie machine, a silver star and a Venus fly trap. DO NOT KILL THE VENUS FLY TRAP as he is the key to the warp.

First produce five sweeties and jump over the flytrap as he comes towards you. Go and get the silver star. You will notice the flytrap eats the sweeties instead of attacking you. The idea is to allow the Venus flytrap to eat ten or more sweeties. (Keep producing them with the sweetie machine and letting him eat them). Then trapping and bursting him to produce a gold star. Collect the the star, then the transporter helmet.


Nice and easy... Simply make your way along until you get the diving helmet and return towards the start of this section. Along the way, go into all the water. The first 'pool' you will receive a 5000 point bonus. The second 'pool' holds a 10000 & 15000 point bonus. In the last cavern a chalice and transporter helmet. Collect the chalice, then pickup the helmet and away you go!