Released: November 1990 Published by: Image Works (later by Renegade)

Platforms: Amiga, Atari ST, PC, Commodore 64, Sega Master System, Sega Genesis/MegaDrive, Gameboy, CD32, Gameboy Advance, Pocket PC

Credits: Eric Matthews (Design), Steve Kelly, Dan Malone, Graeme Boxall (additional Desing), Bob Trevellyan (Code), Mike Montgomery (additional Code), Dan Malone (Graphic Design), Nation 12 (Music), Richard Joseph (Sound), Glenn Fabry (Box Artwork)

CD32: John Jones Steele (additional Code), Chris Maule (Music)
Mega Drive: John M Phillips (Conversion)
Master System: David Leitch (Code), Alan Tomkins (Graphics), David Witthaker (Sound)
Game Boy: Spidersoft (Conversion)

Description: A violent futuristic sports game, Speedball 2 puts you in control of Brutal Deluxe, the newest team to enter the arenas. Your objective is to slam the speedball into your opponents goal area and gain more points than your rivals at the end of 2 halves. Standing in your way are 9 opponents with the same aim in mind. Speedball 2 is a game where kicking, punching and maiming your way to victory is not only allowed, its rewarded!

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When the sequel to the original Speedball, entitled Speedball 2 Brutal Deluxe, was released in 1990, it was instantly regarded as a classic. Based loosely on the 70's cult film Rollerball, Speedball 2 puts you in charge of the newest team to join the ultra violent sport. This team is Brutal Deluxe. Choosing either league, knockout, cup or management competition, its your job to turn them into the best team around. Alternatively there is also a two player option available for games against a friend.

Viewed from a top down perspective, the action takes place in a steel arena with two teams of nine players each. A match is divided into two halfs of ninety seconds each, with the teams swapping ends at half time. The arena itself has a goal at both ends and two score multipliers, one on either side. The play area is also littered with various bonus items to collect which appear at random positions around the arena and have differing effects when picked up. Money can also be picked up to be spent later in the transfer market, or on upgrading your own original lineup. This is essential if any real progress is to be made.

The graphics in Speedball 2 have a very metallic theme and suit the game perfectly. Animations are also spot on and the whole thing moves very smoothly and has the typical Bitmap Brothers polish that is associated with so many of their games. Sound effects are excellent and have a real bone crunching quality to them that really compliments the violent actions on screen. The wailing sirens of the medical robots (a result of an individual players energy being completley depleted) as they carry an injured character out of the match, the groans of the players as they are tackled to the floor, the slamming of the steel ball into a goal and the shouts of "ice cream - ice cream" from the vendor at half time all create a brilliant atmosphere in an already perfect game.

This game is without doubt an all time classic and is worthy of a place in everyones games collection.

Speedball 2: Game Boy Advance review

The latest incarnation of this classic game is a truly excellent conversion. There are minor alterations to the old Amiga version, but these in no way affect the overall perfection that made the original such a classic.

The differences are slightly more colourful characters which helps to distinguish them better than the original, although this was never really a problem, and unfortunately slightly inferior sound. The sound is still top notch and very well implemented, but some of the steel slamming against steel effects seem to be missing from the GBA version which is a shame.

The conversion also suffers slightly from Dpad control as Speedball 2 was always better contolled with a joystick. Another negative point, which is more of a GBA fault is the darkness of the screen, making it difficult at times to know exactly where your character is in the arena.

Overall this is superb conversion of a classic game and should be owned by everyone who liked the original, and at 19.99 (UK) its a bargain.

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posted on 28 Dec 2009, 19:30 by Sanxion
Das habe ich mal gespielt bis meine Hände schmerzten, mit einem Spectravideo Joystick.

posted on 21 Jul 2005, 21:04 by Fern
Ok, but the reviews claims that is more colourful than previous verisons, but the colour is as Amiga CD32 version...

posted on 06 Jul 2005, 22:55 by Darkstorm
The very best game in terms of gameplay, I must buy a digital arcade joystick just to destroy it playing Speedball II, however here's a tip to make the game more addictive: select knockout and pick up the more coins you can, make sure you draw the match, this should be easy versus Revolver anyway use the stars to increase your score and use own goal to increase Revolver's score, if you do so you will repaly the match and so you will be able to pick up more coins, repeat all the times you need and in the end if you want you can get all your players with the max in all abilities.